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Andaman and Nicobar islands are very much away from the Indian coastline and it is understood that no road transport is possible. But travel is possible by air and water waves through flights and ships respectively. It takes 3 days to travel by sea and just 2 hours by flight to reach Port Blair from Chennai. Ships travel once every weak from Chennai and Kolkata but the travel time between Kolkata and Port Blair may exceed more than three days.

The traffic for the travel by ships from Chennai to Port Blair are mentioned below

For foreigners and other state and citizens:

1. Deluxe class cabin - Rs.4762.30
2. First class cabin - Rs.3932.30
3. Second class cabin - Rs.3112.30
4. Ordinary class (basement) - Rs.1272.30.

For Andaman Nicobar people

1. Deluxe class cabin - Rs.2622.30
2. First class cabin - Rs.2362.30
3. Second class cabin - Rs.1752.30
4. Ordinary class (basement) - Rs. 442.30.

However, the above mentioned tariff is for travellers who have local certificate or Andaman Nicobar islands card certificate and issued by the central government of India. Tickets for travel by ship can be obtained from the below addresses.

1. The Deputy Director
Shipping service,
A & N Administration,
6, Rajaji Salai,
Chennai - 600001.
Phone: 25226873, 25220841.

2. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.,
Rajaji salai,
Chennai - 600001.
Phone: 25231401-10.

3. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.,
Shipping house, 18, Strand road,
West Bengal.
Phone: 22484921, 22488013.

Shipping services to the Andaman and Nicobar islands from Vizag are available once in two months. The agent for shipping services to purchase tickets in Vizag is M/S.A.V. Banajirow and Garuda, Pattabhiramayya and co., P.O Box 17, Vizag, and Andhra Pradesh. Cargoes can be carried by passengers in the ships. Both the transport of cargoes and the travel tickets are to be booked well in advance. The ships that travel between Chennai and Port Blair are M.V. Nancowrie, M. V. Nicobar and M. V. Suyaraj.

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