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A person who is interested in learning about a place should go in for details regarding the specific place. Here are some in formations about the Islands. Volcanoes are special as we do not find volcanoes anywhere in India other than the Island territories. Barren Island and Narcondum Island have extinct volcanoes. Indian army whole representation is found in the islands operated under the leadership of the lieutenant general of the navy. Army, navy and air force along the coastal guards function here. The largest floating shopping yard is found here, which belong to the Indian navy. Other than the navy ships, government owned ships and some private ships are docked and maintained.

The reason for the name of Andaman is that people have a belief the Hanuman, the servant of king Rama, landed here in search of Sita and the place is named after his arrival to the island. Historic evidence tells us that Malaysia had link with these islands. This is because a city named Malaka is located in Nicobar. Malaysia also has a city with the same name (Malaka). Speaking on religious aspects there are 170 and more temples build by the Tamil people and to temples are popular.

Apart from temples there are 94 wildlife sanctuaries and 8 natural sea parks in the islands. The Tamil king Rajendra Chola II on his way to conquer the East Assam countries stayed for sometime at a place named Nakkavaram in Nicobar. As mentioned already means of transport are roadways, and sea ways. People, especially the natives have never seen trains because no train transportation is in the islands. There are four rivers which run in the islands. Kalpang runs in Andaman. Klathiya, Alexandira and Tagmun rivers run in Nicobar. Power supply is generated by diesel generators and no thermal plants are found in the islands.

Apart from Islands who belong to other states, Burmene, Srilankans and the Britishers, the Dutchmen have also settled in the islands. Car Nicobar, Nancowrie and Kardeep islands are trade centres. The dominant populations in the islands are Tamilians, who are traders and politicians. They hold power in municipal council and internal organizations. 80% of industrialists are Tamilians. Great readers like KalviThanthai K.Kandasamy, Maveeran A.R.Marudhavanan and Tamizh Chemmal S.P.Subramanian are well known in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Speaking of the primitive tribes, they are six in number. Nicobarese are a bit civilized. These tribes are learned. The other five tribes namely Andamanese, Ongis, Jarawas, Sentinels and Shompens are uncivilized still. Jarawas and Sentinel tribes wander naked in dense forests. They are Barbarians and they do not mingle with other people. Cinema is a nice pastime for the people in the islands. There are four cinema theatres featuring Tamil, Hindi, English and Telugu movies. All the theaters are in Port Blair. The islands have a moderate climate with a minimum of 230C and a maximum of 300C. The islands receive 3000 mm rain fall through out the year. A huge Airport is located in Car Nicobar. Training center for Air Force Cadets and maintenance yard for flights are found in this airport. The specialty of this airport is that many flights can operate in one instance.

A variety of Crab, Giant Robber Crab is found in these islands. They generally live on land, but at nights climb up the coconut trees and put a hole into the tender coconuts to eat the soft kernel. They are in large numbers found mainly in Nicobar Islands. Vipers, Cobras, Kraites, Andaman Branch Pack, Andaman Cat Snakes and Nicobar Water Snakes are few types of snakes found in the islands. Altogether there are 26 varieties found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Apart from snakes various kinds of turtles are found. Green Sea Turtles, Hawksbill Turtle, Locker Head Turtles, Ridley Turtles and Leather Back Turtles are found here. They are found in the sea. The Leather Back Turtles are two meters in length and one meter in breadth and weight is 300 to 500 kilos.

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