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There are no factories and Industries in the islands. Mills and lumber yards are there. Eight mills and lumber yards are owned by private people. The forest trees are felled and plants and suitable pieces are made for high quality furniture. But the central government has banned these mills and lumber yards to safeguard and protect the forests from being destroyed. Only two mills owned by the government survive at present, one in port Blair and another in Betapur. The occupation there is tourism, fishing and farming. Many tourists visit there from all over the world and so plenty of star hotels, collages and resorts are found. They gain a lot due to the foreign exchange.

The coastal areas and the seas have several living beings, rare sea creatures and too varieties of fish. Hugh profit is gained in international markets due to these living beings and fishes. Killed fisherman and traders earn a lot. The government provides loans and grants for the fisherman and traders. Export of tinned fish will be a prosperous business. Entrepreneurs have a bright future in the islands. The food serve is not so good and people in the hospitality industry have better scope. Markets, Bazaars, Grocer stores and departmental stores can be started expecting huge profit. A personal visit would make things clear. Private educational institutions can be set up. Government has planned to develop institutions, trade and business. It will be easy for people to cards to settle in the islands. To set up queries relating to trade business, the Hon’ble Lt.Governor, Raj Niwas. A$G Islands, Port Blair-744101 can be contacted through phone also. The phone numbers are (03192) 233333/233300.

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