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Governing Body in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

      The governing body consists of the lieutenant governor the presiding authority, the chief secretary and inspector general of police assisting the lieutenant governor. It also has a secretary and Deputy Commissioners. There is no legislative assembly but soon they may equal the legislative assembly of pondichery. Port Blair is the only city of the Islands which has a municipal court. 18 candidates elect the members of this council. Three are appointed. It has a president, a vice president and a deputy president. They hold the position for just a year and every year a new president is elected. The members’ tenure is for five years. The Islands have 67 panchayats, 7 panchayats same this and a zilla parishad. The people elect a president and two members and the members elect the third person. Only great Nicobar of Nicobar islands have village panchayats.

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