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Andaman Festivals

Festivals are the time of employment we meet our relations, friends during the festival. As there are different festivals according to the state, the Islands have power of its own. Durga pooja, Panguni Utharam, and Mari Amman festivals we common here. Bengali sweets are blessed. This is during the month of October. Lord Muruga’s devotees fast for 10 days. They walk on fire; carry offerings called ‘kavadi’ in order to display their affection. On the last day food is distributed lavishly. This festival takes plays in the month of April. Jirgattan and Hastinabad have Marriamman temples. January or August are for this festival people walk on fire and distribute food.

Thus the history, the various aspects of The Andaman and Nicobar Islands prove very effective and one gets the feeling that this group of Island is a good place to enjoy and to settle down as well. Further developments and elaboration of facilities will make this a paradise for foreigners. This island would surely be an adventure for many people.

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