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Employment opportunities in government and private sectors

In the government services only a category are eligible to mark. The Heirs of the settled people in the island before 1942, heirs of freedom fighters sent as prisoners by the Britishers. People who received immigration rights from various welfare schemes, native tribes who are of 6 varieties, people who studied continuously for about 10 years in the islands, people who dwell in the island for more than 15 years, are the eligible candidates work in the government posts. The people who had dwelt in the islands for the more than 15 years can work for Group IV services other categories can work in any office and irrespective of the post they take over.

There is no specific reservation quota. The islands do not have any factories and job opportunities are less. People from other state can not think of an employment in the islands as there are no other offices other than that of the government’s. The islands have better scope for technically, talented candidates and people who are fluent in English or Hindi. Other than these candidates private practitioners, engineers and lawyers can practice independently and undertake government contracts. They can fare better in the islands. Illiterates work as labourers. Those who like to work hard are welcome. There is no suffering of hunger.

People who do not know a bit of Hindi can learn the language in a matter of three months. The industrialists, labourers and workers speak Tamil. Tamilian can work and survive as they would mingle with their whole lot already in the islands. The people who come for the first time are employed in the harbor as dock employees. Employment opportunities are provided for Tamilian through Tamil Sangam at Port Blair. Initially they can find a job and then search for a better and suitable job. Other places for employment are private enterprises, hotels and also plantations.

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