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Education and educational institutions

Education refines a person. One needs education to lead a life, to obtain a profession and for the growth of the land. The government officials are striving hard to in part quality education. We find an entirely different set up where nine languages namely Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, English, Telugu, Urdu, Sanskrit, Nicobari and Malayalam are used as mediums of instructions. The education is provided to beginners till they get their higher education. More than 400 educational institutions are set up to educate the student in the islands. There are only a couple of arts and science colleges under taken by the government. A teacher training institute is also run to train teachers. Apart from schools and colleges mentioned above a B.Ed training institute, an I.T.I and a couple of polytechnics are also put up to equip the student technically.

But students who prefer to study engineering, medicine and law should move from the islands and get educated in other states. Steps are taken to open is institution in future in the island to enable students who would enjoy their own atmosphere. Higher secondary school mode in the island is affiliated to the C.B.S.E system of the central government, colleges are affiliated to the Pondichery University and technical institutes such as I.T.I and polytechnics affiliated to New Delhi. Apart from these, we find Madras University and Indira Gandhi National Open University having their centres for the distance education mode. People make use of the institutions present in the islands.

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